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Users Interaction increase


Conversion Rate


Our client Gorilla Web Studio founded in the year 2017 now has become a thriving source to acquire, customize and database WordPress websites for its worldwide clientele. Being in the industry for sufficient years, the CEO of the company realized how to get in touch with reliable yet proven sources to run marketing campaigns for them. In the year 2019, the company felt the need for online marketing to hunt more clients in order to expand its business worldwide.

We decided to provide them with a website QA to point out some concerns subject to quality assurance. Whether your services are tangible or intangible, clients would always make their minds after having some impactful visuals of your best-done jobs. For this purpose, the team Admextech decided to design a whole new company profile covering their story in a way to engage more audience.

Advertising Platforms Leveraged

  • Google Search ads
  • Google RLSA Ads
  • Google Audience remarketing
  • Paid Marketing On Facebook

Technology Leveraged

  • WordPress Website
  • Specific Landing Pages for each individual area they are serving
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Callrail for call tracking


The primary thing that struck the entire team was to bring a stream of leads and then convert them into qualified leads. The average conversion in a month was even less than 20%. There was a need to run campaigns to engage more audience towards their website.

Their competitors were more active than our clients, just because they were more active in the online world while having active social media handles. Social media is a platform where you can engage like-minded audiences to drive customers out of them. With our team, we managed to uplift our client’s impactful presence on their social media handles.


No matter what sort of services you have offered, marketing can prove to be a magic tool to bring you a new customer. Team Admextech is a house to highly experienced digital marketers who designed targeted paid campaigns on Google & Facebook for our clients. Although campaigns brought impressive increases in qualified leads and in the revenue generated from new customers.

Brand profile or you can call it a company profile is a type of advertising tactic that is being used by the majority out there! With a company profile that comprises two significant elements, design and content are more than, to sum up, your entire journey into a visual and book form. For this, we uphold multiple one-on-one conversations with our clients to produce something compelling for their exciting and new clients.


2000% Increase in ROI from Google ads
90% of new customers drove to the website through google search ads.
Significant Increase of 900% in ROI from Google ads alone.


Luis F. Hess PLLC practice immigration, real estate, business law, and civil litigation. Each one of these areas of law takes precise legal knowledge and attention to detail that has a solid track record.


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We established a deep understanding of Luis F. Hess Law target markets, and together, we determined what marketing tactics would be necessary to meet the firm’s goals.