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Setting up Google Ads campaigns is easy, but setting them right is the real deal. Benefit from AdmexTech’s expertise as Google Premium Partner and take your business to the next level.

Google Ads

Helping businesses go big on:

Helping businesses go big on:

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Efficiently planned campaigns!

As an entrepreneur, I like to make the most of my PPC campaigns. I can happily say AdmexTech helps me in achieving my goals. Their PPC Management team handles all the hard work. From creating a strategy to recommending display ad visuals, they do everything. I am truly happy with the results we have achieved.

Richard Jimmy

Senior Director,

Long Island Carpet Cleaning Pros

Helping You Always

Can’t Figure Out Google Search and Display Ads?

Experiencing difficulties in creating PPC campaigns?

AdmexTech can help you with setting up and managing your Google Search and Google Display Ads campaigns.

Not getting quality conversion? Want to keep fake traffic away?

Our team can chalk down strategies for your Google Ads campaigns. We can also reduce the impact of fake clicks.

Worried about copywriting or ad creation?

Don’t worry. Our PPC Management team can help you with copywriting and ad creation.

Concerned about getting consistent ROI?

As a Google Premier Partner, we are equipped with knowledge needed to assist businesses in providing continued growth.


Targeting Correctly

Search Keyword Research

Customers rely on Google whenever they want to search about something. 68% will start an online experience with a search engine. Google Search Ads can help you gain new customers. AdmexTech can help you identify the best keywords for your business and the negative keywords you should not waste your money on.

Search Keyword Research
Google Display Network Ads

Making An Impression

Google Display Network Ads

Google Display ads reach 90% of the internet users. That’s significantly more than any other display network out there. As a recognized Google Premier Partner, AdmexTech has all the powerful skills to help you get the best results out of your responsive display ad campaigns.

Setting Up A Plan

Google Ads Strategy

For your business, every dollar counts. This is why we do everything to make sure you get the most out of your ad spend. From keyword research to display ad recommendations, AdmexTech removes the guesswork out of running PPC campaigns by providing you with a tailor-made Google Ads strategy for your business.

PPC Optimization

Creating Abundance

PPC Optimization

Google Ads campaigns attract more customers to your business. However, it’s always a great idea to keep improving your PPC efforts. AdmexTech will consistently work on your Google Ads campaigns to achieve better outcomes. Our team regularly achieves 100% to 250% return on ad spend (depending on your business model).

Keeping An Eye

PPC Monitoring

With the help of modern tools, AdmexTech keeps an eye on your Google Ads campaigns. After setting up a campaign, our team takes steps to prevent fake conversions. Negative keywords are regularly removed from Google Search Ad campaigns. Plus, we keep a close look on ad spend performance to prevent wasteful expenditures.

PPC Monitoring

AdmexTech Agile

Research > Plan > Execute

With two decades of experience in website development and digital marketing, our team believes in dividing every project into iterative tasks with a set delivery timeline. With the help of the AdmexTech Agile portal, we can ship successful projects within a short amount of time without any major chances of failure in accordance with the wishes of our clients.


Just fill out the form and tell us everything you want for your project.


Our Project team will work on your requirements and inform the Sales team.


Our Sales team will schedule a call with your team to understand your needs.


Our Sales team will send the Timeline and Price Quote documents through email.


You will be invited to our AdmexTech Agile portal where you can monitor your project.


The Sales team will introduce you to your dedicated Project Manager.

AdmexTech Loves Success

It’s good to have great partners

Our best quarter ever

We were clueless about Google Ads management. Thanks to AdmexTech, we are seeing fast growth for our business. Their team optimizes ad campaigns for conversion. They have improved performance without spending too much.

Mathew Bomer

Senior Director,

Melanie Duncan

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Most Affordable Digital Ad Management Plans


Small Business
$ 99
  • Account setup
  • 50 Keywords
  • Ad Type Recommendations
  • 20 Bidding & Budget Suggestions


Medium Business
$ 149
  • Account setup
  • 70 Keywords
  • Ad Type Recommendations
  • 30 Bidding & Budget Suggestions


Large Business
$ 249
  • Account setup
  • 100 Keywords
  • Ad Type Recommendations
  • 40 Bidding & Budget Suggestions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just fill out this form. A member from our Sales Onboarding team will get in touch via email within 24 hours. On this call, you should discuss your requirements in detail during your initial Sales Onboarding call. This helps us in creating a timeline to complete your requirements.

After the initial Sales Onboarding call, we’ll map out our resources to create an expected timeline using our AdmexTech Agile portal. Once the Timeline document is ready, we will email it to you along with a Price Quote.

With the Timeline document, you will receive a Price Quote with Payment Terms. At AdmexTech, we aim to deliver quality work at affordable rates. Feel free to discuss payment and billing issues with our Sales Onboarding team.

A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to every client. You may discuss all your issues with your Project Manager whenever needed.

In order to keep everything transparent, you will be provided access to our AdmexTech Agile portal where you will be able to see the latest updates on your project(s).

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